October News 2012

Welcome back!!! to all of our children and parents and carers.

We hope everyone has had a lovely long relaxing summer break. Fundraising activitiesWe would like to say a big warm welcome to all of our new children and their families, to our new member of staff Mrs Jackie Stevenson, and to our new committee, some of whom are new members and some of whom are staying on from the previous year, but all of whom will I’m sure be doing a fantastic job in the coming year to fundraise in new and exciting ways for the adults and children who are involved with our playgroup.

This is a vital part of our playgroup and without the funds raised playgroup would not make enough money to continue. Thank you to all those who support us by getting involved with the organisation of events or by coming along to events and supporting them.


Burton Playgroup October 2012 NewsletterWell all of our children have settled in well and we have been having lots of fun at playgroup playing with our toys and making new friends, getting used to the changes that come with starting a new academic year, with some friends having moved up to school and some staying at playgroup.

 We looked at our likes and dislikes, what makes us different or similar, who was the tallest and smallest, oldest and youngest.

Children at PlaygroupWe have also been looking at the village of Burton on the Wolds, going for walks to see what facilities we have in the village and thinking about what type of place it is and what type of vehicles and animals and buildings we might see as we walk around. 


Special Visitors to Burton on the Wolds PlaygroupWe will be having some special visitors in soon as we take a look at some of the jobs people do in our community, such as a policeman, a fireman, a postman, a dentist and a farmer. We will also be thinking about how to keep ourselves safe and how to keep our planet safe.


Nicky Hickling